Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Discounts and offers for Indian Site

We are going to get a discount of 30 % on the current title
if a customer joins our membership program by registering on our site for which annual registration charges structure has to be worked out by us and it should be with terms and condition and he will be recieving newsletters with discounts and offers by our company and he can order it through the email url link
and once he is a member he is entitled a 10% discount flat on all books from new titles to bargain books.

non member can enjoy the discounts on bestsellers books its easy for us to give discounts from 10 - 15 % on bestsellers because these titles can be bought in bulk from the publisher which encourges the publihers for a fat discount for us.

Free shipping inside india for book purchase of above Rs.1000 or 1500/- condition apply for shipping. and reviewed by us and intimated to them by mail

Bulk Discounts for Corporates
Special discounts for Schools & Colleges (free delivery) and we should introduces a Privilege membership for teachers and lecturers

When we start buying books in bulk from publisher directly not from the distributor we get a discount of buy bestsellers titles from the publisher we get a huge discount to of 40 - 60 % so that part has to be concentrated when the site has been launched

order book through phone and help desk for queries via phone or E-Mail
and for help desk and call back option via phone option should be provided on customer feedback and in contact us option

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Notes From Todays Meeting

To be added English as Foreign Language books in chinese language and korean Pages
Cash on delivery option for Local Customer in chennai
Phone Order inside CityCredit Points for every purchase
We will create template for our new menu
E books to be added on the later part after launch
Search Option either in Top left or Centre middle below the Logo
Two Rough Template design with and without Description of books
and list of website from which we have done a research has been attached to this mail
Enter to win contest like this what u see below
Sign up for email updates from, and you could win $250 in books! You may unsubscribe at any time.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Friday, March 2, 2007


The Research on The Menus is done and we discussed together to bring out all the possible options that can be added in the menu.
We have given all the possible options for using in the menus.
The Menus include
1. Main Menu
2. Left Side Column
3. Right Side Column
4. Bottom Menu

Research done By Raj and John

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